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Dec 27, 2012 7:00pm PST
and was able to be with the mother. >> fort retailers recalled nap nanny baby reclineers following reports of five infant deaths. the safety commission is recalling the nap nanny generations, one and two. it has defected in designs, warnings and instructions. the company founder believe it doesn't have mayority and the products are safe when used properly. >> the new laws will bring -- you'll be able to text while behind the wheel as long as you use a phone voice activated device. and you have to show you have proof. >> i think that it's helpful if it's less paperwork that you have to keep on you and other people can get your information, so if you can have it on your phone and you can easily access it. that will be fine. >> at law on underage drinks and party buses have to tell them that it's illegal and if there's a person on board, and someone 25 years old older have to be on board. >> the light rail system turns 25 but with low rider ship and high operating cost, there's not a lot of celebration. the mercury compared the authority to other light rail systems and found that tax payers s
Dec 13, 2012 7:00pm PST
'm probably going to study a little more and then take a nap and then after that study some more and go to sleep earlier. >> we were really afraid and we were just scared about what would come next, what would happen. that's what our whole morning was: figuring out what was going on. >> there will be extra security measures in place tomorrow for the teacher when school opens again. >>> at the last minute, a name was added to a memorial -- police confirmed the body of a homeless woman was found in the creek yesterday. the woman was known as lovey. friends say she was a drug addict and they suspect foul play. >> she is a nice person: however, when she relapsed -- she has enemies out here. >> her death saddened those. the number rises from 39 to 40 of homeless people deaths. >>> primary vigil today for a couple found gagged and bound in the middle of a street. an 18-year-old woman remains in the hospital. she is in critical condition but is expected to die. >>> a new campaign called peace at home is meant to curb a rise in domestic violence. cases have doubled since 2010. the ad is in nume
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
nine lives. she wanted to put herself out for a long cat nap. >> evidently. >> this will make you feel better than that would. this is at the exotic experience in florida. that is dozer the dog and the kangaroo is love bug. watch what happens. >> oh. >> they're making out. >> yeah. that's love. that's interspecies love. >> apparently, love bug loves to touch everything and watch how she stops touching dozer and dozer is like, hey, hey, come on, get back at it. you know, couple says will you rub my feet and rub them for like two seconds and the other one says is that it? that's probably what dozer was feeling like. >> oh. >> we can all learn something from this dog and this kangaroo. >> we can. we can. >> love each other. >> no matter what. >> no matter what. >>> the guy you see in this video that's graham hill, the founder of he got himself an apartment in soho in new york. 420 square feet to be exact. >> tiny and priceless. >> very pricey. very cramped. >> they haven't cleaned up from the last people. >> this is back in 2010. he wanted to completely remodel this 420 sq
Dec 18, 2012 1:00pm PST
. >> this is basically the result of a party and a nap on a bus, and then he takes all of that out on this poor bus driver? >> the bus driver, who apparent will had been assaulted 11 times, and after this he finally retired. smith was sentenced to jail and while in court was embarrass bawd he was trying to hide himself behind a beanie, blond wig and embarrassed too. kniss this is not appropriate behavior. >>> a camera catching motorcycle action. guess where this one is heading? >> a couple of rolls there. >> see what the camera catches and survives, next. >>> don't know how they got in the birds nest. >> she seem to be quite cozy. >> moving into the treehouse on "right this minute." >>> every once in a while you get one of those crash videos i've got to say just hurts to watch. it's that time again. here we are with have sports car club racing. video from a car channel. number 58 car. mitsubishi lancer. everything is going, so far so good. but i did say this was a crash video. watch this. as he approaches this right-hand turn his left front tire popped, making the car unsteerable. >> oh, ooh! >> yo
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
decreasing somewhat. a few scattered shoufrss s -- showers to the north bay. one sellout of nap a. as far as the forecast. here it is. multiple storms -- napa. as far as the forecast. here it is. the multiple storms coming in. the first one today, the second one moving in tomorrow and then the third one sunday. for the weekend, rainfall, heaviest rainfall for the morning hours, sunday, the strongest storm. rainfall expectations could be 3-1/2 inches, around the bay itself, 1-2 and the santa cruz mountains, 3 inches, keeping an eye on the river levels up there and the creek from the the streams because they have been rising already and that trend will continue into the weekend. a winter storm warning in mace for the slopes and the sierra until 9:00 on sunday. 2-5 feet. i will plan on the delays and possible road closures, keep that in mind heading to the sierra this weekend. heavy rain tomorrow morning at 5:00. then, more breaks in the action, not completely dry. another round of showers by 12:00 and then more breaks by 3:00. the next storm developing off shore, that moves in by sunday mor
Dec 4, 2012 11:30pm PST
's a happy ending tonight to a dog napping case. a man from sacramento has been reunited with his yorkie. the dog napping brought an entire neighborhood together. >> welcome back. >> reporter: she may be tiny but her absence left a big home in this potrero neighborhood. >> the worse feeling imaginable. it was like this isn't true. >> reporter: robert runkel recalls his dispair when he realized his miniature yorkie lola was stolen when thieves smashed his car window. >> the days she was gone, i just layed in best most of the day. >> reporter: if news also rattled neighbors many of whom own dogs themselves. >> all i thought immediately is what would i have done if somebody stole my dog trouser. you would want everybody you every met to jump in and help. >> reporter: tracy moon printed these oversized fliers. she everyone threw in her own money $3,000 for a reward. moon says runkel who goes to dialysis three times a week and recently learned she had lymphoma could not handle any more news. so when she got a call about a dog running around in a neighborhood. >> i was worried would i recogniz
Dec 2, 2012 11:30pm PST
levels. napa river going down, nap a down 21 feet, there is the projected points tomorrow morning and out towards the saint helena dropping off tomorrow morning down to 4.3 feet. as far as the russian river coming up for you right now. russian river, heelsberg, dropped off at flood stage. and guerneville, in monday morning, at flood stage, at 4:00. backing off as we head into midmorning monday and the afternoon hours. it has been an active weather week. remember, wednesday, talking about the storm 1, storm two moved in on friday and storm 3, another strong one. that moved in this morning. take a look at the rain fall totals in the past few days. 13 inches of rain. kent field, 9.5 inches. the mountains, around 9 inches, san francisco, 3.78 and san jose about 2.5 inches, we have a break in the rain for us tonight and tomorrow. i track another system, a weak one but that does show up in our five-day forecast more on that in a few minutes. >> all right, more rain. >>> a system is-wide power failure halted the service leaving scores of passengers stranded. all train service was stopped at 9:18
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7